ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre

Dhoraji Colony, Karachi

ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre

ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Community Centre and Hall Karachi is a Non-profit organization, located in Dhoraji Colony, Baloch Colony Road, Sindh, Pakistan. It was built in 1971, inaugurated by Trustee Mrs. Banu M. A. Rangoonwala.

Its main aim for the people to give "Services to Humanity", all around in the country and outside the country, that’s why, they are offering many different courses for Men and women, who are interested, but can’t do because of Lack of Money.

There main courses are including, Cooking Classes in different duration some of them 3 months, 2 months & 1 months, One Day Cooking Courses, Demonstration Courses, Beautician Course, 4 Months, Mobile Application Development, Calligraphy, Computer Courses, English Language, Electronics, Sewing and Cutting, Visual Arts, Fitness and many more activities are available in ZVMG Trust Karachi Pakistan.

Moreover, Men and Women, whose interest to join the different courses which they like to learn from ZVMG Rangoonwala Foundation Trust, can visit on these timings and days follow - Tuesday to Monday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday, will be closed for all.

Alias Names

ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Community Centre and Hall

Established Established in 15th November 1971

Community Centre

NearBy Landmark Kutchi Memon Ground
Location Dhoraji Colony, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Zvmg Rangoonwala Comunity Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Baloch Colony Road, Karachi

Contacts +92 (21) 34935168 | +92 (21) 34938146 zvmgrcc@yahoo.com
Geo Coordinates 24.8853837357701 °N,    67.0746150612831 °E
Official Website www.rcc.com.pk

ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre Attractions

ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Community Centre Courses for Men and Women

  • Baking & Cooking Courses
  • Carving Course
  • IT Beginner (Computer Course)
  • Fitness Course
  • Grooming Course
  • Electronics Course
  • Sewing and Cutting Course
  • Visual Arts Course
  • English Language Course
  • Cooking & Baking Course
  • Calligraphy Course
  • Mobile Application Development Course
  • Beautician Course

Travelor Instructions

ZVMG Rangoonwala trust and Community Centre Visit Timings

Monday - Friday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed

ZVMG Rangoonwala Trust Community Centre Branches

ZVMG Rangoonwala Turst 
Dhoraji Colony, Karachi
Tel: +92 (21) 34935168 | +92 (21)34938146
Fax: +92 (21) 34930534
Email: zvmgrcc@yahoo.com

ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre
Dhoraji Colony, Karachi
Tel: +92 (21) 34935168 | +92 (21)34938146
Fax: +92 (21) 34930534
E-mail: zvmgrcc@yahoo.com

VM Public School
ST 4/1, Block No. 4, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi
Tel: +92 (21) 34931559 | +92 (21) 34943900
Email: vmschool@yahoo.com

VM Art Gallery
Dhoraji Colony, Karachi
Tel: +92 (21) 34935168 | +92 (21)34938146
Fax:+92 (21) 34930534
E-mail: zvmgrcc@yahoo.com

Map Of ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre

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