Uch Sharif

Uch Road, Bahawalpur

Uch Sharif

Uch Sharif Bahawalpur is a historical city famous for its intellectual Sufi Saints Shrines and Tombs, located in Ahmedpur East, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. This beautiful informative city was founded by Alexander the Great.

Since years back, Bahawalpur city has made their own place which is always be in the tourist list of discussion among visitors and all. Bahawalpur weather is almost changeable, its seems to be very cold in winter and in summer very hot, so guys, if any one wants to visit any spot located in Bahawalpur, so make your plan in the season of winter, visitors would love to enjoy and feel more comfortable than other seasons.

Similarly, as can found early centuries back, Uch was one of the centers of Islamic Studies of South Asia. Therefore, after the Islam arrived many religious Islamic Schools, the Sunni Qadiriya school of Syed Mohammed Ghous Jilani Hallabi, and the Suhrawardiya School, was merge in the good books.

Moreover, at Uch Shareef, many famous religious tombs can be found in the line such as Hazrat Bahawal Haleem, Maqbara Nuria, Hazar Jalal ud Din Surkhpoosh Bukhari, last but not the least Bibi Jewandi, the tombs of the design are as same as Uch Sharif design intelligently with blue grazed tiles, crafting all over the tombs looks amazing and unique in a very professional way.

Uch Sharif Bahawalpur is a wonderful Tourist and Visitors destination for historical purpose, many of them come to visit in daily basis for prayers.

Alias Names

اوچ شریف‎


Mausoleum & Shrine

NearBy Landmark Tomb of Javindi Bibi
Highway Code N115
Location Uch Road, Bahawalpur
City / Town Bahawalpur
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Uch Sharif, Ahmedpur East Road, Bahawalpur

Geo Coordinates 29.2395418115954 °N,    71.0650956630707 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site

Travelor Instructions

Uch Sharif Bahawalpur Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 05:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Uch Sharif Map


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