Taj Mahal

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Taj Mahal

The beautiful building Taj Mahal in Agra is also called "Crown of the Palace", located on the banks of River Yamuna, Dharmapuri, Forest Colony, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built in between (1632-1653) by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for their beloved wife Arjumand Banu Begum also called as Mumtaz Mahal. She was married at the age of 19 to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. This beautiful Mughal style Taj Mahal built which is combined Indian, Persian and Islamic influences under the guidance of architect, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

This Historical 17th Century, Mughal style, Marble mausoleum with minarets, Central dome and surrounded by four smaller domes four slender towers. The most important Mughal Emperors Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal Tombs is the central of Attraction which is situated at the center of the Taj Mahal.

At Taj Mahal India has many stories attached with its elegant unique style building which always has attracts so many local people, families surrounding, Tourist, Visitors, forinergers. They came here to visit this mausoleum to enjoy and collect many history stories which is attached with it.

It has so many attractive places in the surrounding of Taj Mahal India like Charbagh or Taj Mughal Garden which is spread an area around 300m which is also features a beautiful water fountain which is full of beautiful fishes, and a Taj Mosque. A huge garden with full of greenery, tacking area, sitting places for visitors.

It is Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983, and also the winner of the New7Wonders of the World in (2000–2007).

Alias Names

Agra Taj Mahal India • Crown of the Palace • Mumtaz Mahal

Established Built in (1632-1653)

Mausoleum & Shrine

Dedicated Arjumand Banu Begum also called as Mumtaz Mahal
Location Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
City / Town Agra
State Uttar Pradesh
Country India

Taj Mahal, Dharmapuri, Forest Colony, Tajganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Contacts +91 (562) 2226431 | +91 (562) 2233056 info@tajmahal.gov.in
Geo Coordinates 27.174961104024 °N,    78.0432379245758 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983
Official Website www.tajmahal.gov.in

Travelor Instructions

Agra Taj Mahal India Visit Timings

Saturday - Sunday - Sunrise - Sunset 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Friday - Closed

Taj Mahal India Agra Complex Allow Carries Things

  • Mobile phones
  • Cameras
  • Small Video Cameras
  • Small Purses carried by ladies
  • Water in transparent bottles

Agra Taj Mahal India Entry Fee

  • Foreigners - Rs.1000/-
  • Domestic - Indian - Rs.40/-
  • Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries - Rs.530/-

Map Of Taj Mahal

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