Fortalice Hotel Multan Photo

Fortalice Hotel Multan

9 Lalazar Colony, Multan, Pakistan

(Hotel One) Fortalice Hotel Multan is the part of pearl continental hotel, located in 9, Lalazar Colony, Old Bahawalpur Road, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Hotel One Multan is 5km far from Multan International Airport, 7km from Clock Tower Multan and 100 km from Bahawalpur City. (Hotel One) Fortalice Hotel Multan is offering facilities for f ... .

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Bomanji Square Photo
Shopping Mall

Bomanji Square

Nusrat Road, Multan, Pakistan

Bomanji Square Shopping Mall Multan is famous for its unique design of building, located in Nusrat Road near Liberty Market, Bomanji Chowk, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Bomanji House was founded by the man who bore this name in 1891. In early 1978, M. Bomanji & Sons started their business as a Pars Drycleaners & Steam Launderers, af ... .

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Fort Kohna Photo

Fort Kohna

Killa Kohna Qasim Bagh Road, Multan, Pakistan

(Fort Kohna) Multan Fort Multan is a historical landmark and very popular in tourist spots, located in Qilla Kohna Qasim Bagh Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in 17th century, by the Murad Baksh son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. In (Fort Kohna) Multan Fort Multan many famous spots situated like Qasim (Bagh) Garden, Tomb of Shah Rukne ... .

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Multan Arts Council Photo
Art & Culture

Multan Arts Council

MDA Road, Multan, Pakistan

Multan Arts Council Multan is famous of its Live Art & cultural performances, located in MDA Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1975, under the statutory Provisions of Punjab. Multan Arts Council is organized many live performances for Art & cultural lovers and to motivate the Pakistani cultural in a very good manners, ... .

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Pak Gate Multan Photo

Pak Gate Multan

Sarafa Bazar Road, Multan, Pakistan

Pak Gate Multan is also another old historical landmark, located in Sarafa Bazar Road near Agha Khan Health Centre Punjab, Pakistan. Pak Gate Multan is famous gate for the famous shrine (Mazar) of Saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. Many devotees were coming here for prayers and in surrounding of Pak gate Multan many other famous shops, Marke ... .

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Haram Gate Photo

Haram Gate

Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Haram Gate Multan is an old historical landmark associated with the Woman, located in Alang Haram Gate, Punjab, Pakistan. In Multan there are six gates four in Multan fort. Haram Gate Multan has made of two tower on each side, large four competed pointed arch in the middle towers on sides are double storied. Haram Gate is normally a ... .

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Jinnah Park Multan Photo
Park & Garden

Jinnah Park Multan

New Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Jinnah Park Multan is a family oriented park, located in New Multan, Shah Rukn-e-Alam colony Road, Punjab, Pakistan. Jinnah Park Multan is famous for its beautiful flowers, greenery and cool and calm atmosphere for all age of groups. Jinnah Park has also attractive facilities for families, tourist and visitors include, Kids Rides, Food C ... .

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Hazrat Shah Shamsuddin Sabzwari Photo
Mausoleum & Shrine

Hazrat Shah Shamsuddin Sabzwari

Multan, Pakistan

Hazrat Pir Shah Shams Sabzwari Tabrez Mausoleum is in Multan, located in Baba Safra Road, Punjab, Pakistan. He was born in (1165-1276) A.D, after his death, shrine was built in 1330 A.D by his Grandson and then again his Tomb was rebuilt by his devotees in 1718 A.D. It design is square in shape, with beautiful blue glazed tiles. He was b ... .

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Ghanta Ghar Multan Photo

Ghanta Ghar Multan

Katchery Road, Multan, Pakistan

(Clock Tower Multan) Ghanta Ghar Multan is an old historical landmark, located in Center City on Tughlaq Road near Bata Shoe Store, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower Multan was built in 1884 A.D in the time of British Raj, and it took years to complete it. (Clock Tower Multan) Ghanta Ghar Multan was constructed up to t ... .

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Nishtar Hospital Photo

Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Road, Multan, Pakistan

Nishtar Hospital Multan (Nishtar Medical College Multan) is a beautiful three story building, located in Nishtar Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 01 October 1953 as a efficient Hospital which is performing very actively. Nishtar Hospital & Medical College Multan is working very efficiently all over the Punjab. Nishtar Hospit ... .

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Dolat Gate Photo

Dolat Gate

Alang Daulat Gate, Multan, Pakistan

(Daulat Gate) Dolat Gate Multan was used as an entrance gate of Multan city, located in Alang Daulat Gate, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. The huge entrance gate is no longer exist but the area locally around is called Daulat Gate or Dolat Gate. In 18th Century, there were more Seven Gates used for the entrance in Multan city like, Daulat Gate ... .

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Phool Hattan Wali Masjid Photo
Masjid (Mosque)

Phool Hattan Wali Masjid

Multan, Pakistan

Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) Multan is famous for variety of beautiful flower seller Bazaar middle of the city, located in Alang Haram gate, Punjab, Pakistan. Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) has attached a lots of stories, some said that the Mughal Emperor Farrukh Sher visit to Multan during (1713-1718 AD) for being childless and ... .

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