Tomb of Seven Sisters

Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh

Tomb of Seven Sisters

Tomb of Seven Sisters Rohri-Sukkur is also known as Satiyan Jo Asthano, Located in Lab-e-Mehran Road, Sindh, Pakistan. In fact, seven sisters were famous for doing stricked Parda in front of all men's. There graves were built in 1961 (A.H) by Mir Abu Al-Qasim Namkeen.

Graves of Seven Sisters design was as unique as it used in same Makli Hill Graveyard at Thatta, Quranic verses are also written on their tombs. The blue color marble mostly used in Sindhi Culture, as is used in seven sister's tomb beautifully.

However, there are Plenty of Hujras has also be constructed ideally for visitors, tourists. Whoever, they want to come and pray for them and stay in Hujras for limited time to rest in a very good manner.

Many citizens, local people and tourist, visitors mostly like to visit these type of historical spots that was historical and interesting stories attached with them.

Alias Names

Satiyan jo Asthano Rohri • Graves of Seven Sisters • ستِين جو آستان

Established Build in 1961 A.H


NearBy Landmark Lansdowne Bridge
Location Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh
City / Town Rohri
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Tomb of Seven Sisters Indus River, Lab-e-Mehran Road, Rohri

Geo Coordinates 27.6929973773263 °N,    68.885350227356 °E

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Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

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