The Bombay Bakery

56 Civil Lines, Saddar, Hyderabad

The Bombay Bakery

The Bombay Bakery Saddar Hyderabad, is very famous for the making of delicious and variety of Sweet & tasty Cakes, Bread, Biscuits, located in 56 Civil Lines, Saddar, Chandni Cinema Road, Pakistan. It was established in 1911 by Mr. Pahlajrai Gangaram Thadani Family, the current building was planned and designed by him as a Bakery-in-a-Bungalow. The Bakery is passed over a 100 years, it’s a family business and currently look after in its 4th generation.

The Bombay Bakery Hyderabad is passing through their generation to generation but their delicious cakes taste has never been changed yet, their caretakers are following the exact recipe as Mr. Pahlajrai Gangaram Thadani made it himself, that’s why, The Cakes like The Bombay Bakery never be found any other bakeries in Hyderabad.

The Bombay Bakery is listed in top bakeries in Hyderabad and other regions, for the best cake makers, their plenty of Cakes are such as Chocolate Cakes, Coffee Cakes, Cream Layer Cakes, Almond Macaroon Cakes, Fruit Cakes, Plain Cakes, Chocolate Gateaux, Coffee Gateaux, Cream Gateaux, Christmas Cakes, Baba Cakes, Lemon Cakes and Biscuits.

The Bakery has a limited time to open. The staff of the Bombay Bakery Hyderabad is so co-operative their environment is so decent and up-to-date, the prices of the Cakes, Biscuits and other items are normal and reasonable. Moreover, the Bombay bakery has made their official Facebook page can visit here, if someone have some query can ask about opening time and Bombay bakery Hyderabad cake prices and can also call on their PTCL number is +92 (022) 2780479.

Many Families, Tourist and Visitor, when visit Hyderabad city they definitely have lots of cakes from The Bombay Bakery, and enjoy with their relatives and friends all along.

Established Established in 1911 by Mr. Pahlajrai Gangaram Thadani Family

Bakery & Confectionery

Dedicated A Thadani Family
NearBy Landmark Canttoment Board
Location 56 Civil Lines, Saddar, Hyderabad
City / Town Hyderabad
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

The Bombay Bakery, 56 Civil Lines, Saddar, Hyderabad

Contacts +92 ( 22) 2780479
Geo Coordinates 25.3879789394215 °N,    68.3629578351974 °E
Official Website

The Bombay Bakery Attractions

The Bombay Bakery Hyderabad Cakes

• Chocolate Cakes
• Coffee Cakes
• Cream Layer Cakes
• Almond Macaroon Cakes
• Fruit Cakes
• Plain Cakes
• Chocolate Gateaux
• Coffee Gateaux
• Cream Gateaux
• Christmas Cakes
• Baba Cakes
• Lemon Cakes
• Biscuits

Travelor Instructions

The Bombay Bakery Hyderabad Visit Timings

Monday - Thursday  08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Friday - Closed

Map Of The Bombay Bakery

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Nofil Qaiser

Dear Hello I need Coffee cake only Bombay bakery at Hyderabad, but out of rich reason city i live Karachi, any possibility coffee cake.

Rida Ali

Hi, Nofil Qaiser as per my information, The Bombay Bakery has only one branch thats at hyderabad as you know. They dont deliver their cakes to other cities, so you have to visit Hyderabad city and take cakes in their visiting timings or either you can call on this number +92 (22) 2780479 to confirmed. I hope you will get your favourite cakes soon from Bombay Bakery.


Please confirm what is a price of coffee cake 900 gram (per Unit)


Rs 600/ per 900gm full chocolate cake Rs800/ per 900gm


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