Adam Shah Tomb Photo

Adam Shah Tomb

Airport Road, Sukkur

Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro Tomb or Adam Shah Ji Takri (The Hill of Adam Shah) Sukkur is known for the tomb of Saint Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro, located in Airport Road, Sindh, Pakistan. It was built by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the ruler of Sindh i ... . View Details

Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro Photo

Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro

Jamshoro Road, Hyderabad

Mian Ghulam Nabi Shah Kalhoro Tomb Hyderabad is an old historical spot, located in National Hwy 5, Sahfi Colony, Sindh, Pakistan. He was a first Sindh ruler who start ruled in 1757. After his death, tomb was built by his younger brother Mia ... . View Details

Tomb of Seven Sisters Photo

Tomb of Seven Sisters

Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh

Tomb of Seven Sisters Rohri-Sukkur is also known as Satiyan Jo Asthano, Located in Lab-e-Mehran Road, Sindh, Pakistan. In fact, seven sisters were famous for did stricked Parda in front of all men's. There graves were built in 1961 (A.H) by ... . View Details

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