Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan


Swat City Pakistan is a natural land mark spot, and always the central of attractive among tourism, located in District KPK, Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat as well as, the main town in the Swat valley is Mingora.

Swat as famous called Switzerland of Pakistan. Many tourists, families, visitors, Foreigners come along their friends, in groups and have hangout around the beautiful Swat places, as well as, all the interested visitors can get to explore the other hidden spots around the Swat District KPK, Pakistan.

Swat Valley Pakistan has marvelous natural beauty view spots that can be a dream of every person who loves travelling, such as Daral Lake, Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake, Bashigram Lake, Kundol Lake, Pari (Khapiro) Lake, Mahodand Lake (Lake of Fishes), Gabral, Swat Valley, Utror, Swat valley, Usho, Swat valley, Kalam, Swat valley, Behrain, Swat valley, Madyan City, Miandam Resort, Swat Museum, Malam Jabba Hill Station, and last but not the least is Mingora and Saidu Sharif.

For the visitors, tourist info, they have their Government official website "http://www.tourism.kp.gov.pk/page/kp", through this link all the interested visitors can get all the information before plan to Swat City Pakistan.

Alias Names

Swat City Pakistan • سوات‬



Location Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
State Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)
Country Pakistan

Swat, District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 34.7936642594801 °N,    72.2877987529297 °E
Official Website www.tourism.kp.gov.pk

Swat Attractions

Swat Valley Around Interesting Spots

  • Daral Lake
  • Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake
  • Bashigram Lake
  • Kundol Lake
  • Pari (Khapiro) Lake
  • Mahodand Lake (Lake of Fishes)
  • Gabral (Swat Valley)
  • Utror (Swat valley)
  • Usho
  • Kalam (Swat valley)
  • Behrain (Swat valley)
  • Madyan City
  • Miandam Resort
  • Swat Museum
  • Malam Jabba Hill Station
  • Mingora City
  • Saidu Sharif

Travelor Instructions

Swat Valley PakistanVisit Timings

  • 24 Hours Open

Swat Map



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