Sindh, Pakistan


Sukkur city is famous for many agricultural small and large industries, located in Sindh, Pakistan. It is 12th largest city in Pakistan and 3rd number in list in Sindh. Its spread an area about 5,165 km2 and elevation is 67m in sea level.

Sukkur has many other languages people live together like Brahuis, Balochis, Sindhi, Utradi, Lari, Lasi, Thari and Dadhki but mostly seen people speak in sukkur is Sindhi language which is most easy to understand for the sukkur people.

Sukkur city is also famous for sweet dates and also fertile kharif, Rice, Bajra, Cotton, Tomatoes, Peas, Rabi, Wheat, Barley, Graham and Melons and in Sukkur industries are  produces Biscuit factories, Vegetable (Cooking) oil, Cotton textiles, Cement, Leather, Tobacco, Paint & varnish, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture Implements, Metal foundries, Hand pumps, Lock making, Rice husking, Sugar Small scale, Cottage industry, Boat making, Fishing, Thread ball spooling, Trunk making, Brass wares, Cutlery, Ceramics, Milk Plant Engro Foods and so many other facilities produced by Sukkur in a very large scale.

Alias Names




Highway Code N5
Location Sindh, Pakistan
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 27.7066038 °N,    68.8481971 °E

Sukkur Attractions

Sukkur City Around Attractive Places

  • Sadh Belo
  • Hindu Temple
  • Sukkur Barrage
  • Lansdowne Bridge Rohri
  • Ayub Bridge
  • Makrani Masjid Bunder Road
  • Jamia Masjid Bunder Road
  • Tomb of Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro
  • Graves of the Seven Maidens
  • Tomb of Abdul Baqi Purani
  • Bukkur Island
  • Minaret of Mir Masum Shah Governor
  • Lab-e-Mehran
  • Muhammad bin Qasim Park
  • Family Park

Map Of Sukkur

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