St Lukes Church

Jinnah Road, Abbotabad

St Lukes Church

St Luke's Church, Abbottabad is one of the oldest christain community church, having elegant and unique structure design in it, located in Jinnah Road, Hazara, Pakistan. It has almost 200 years passes away, built by British Rulers in 1864.

St Luke's Catholic Church is an Anglican church, and have numerous memorable historical treasure to be seen inside the church. Thus, all day long, majority Christian Families, Couples, Youngsters and other come to attend their mass in st lukes church hall certain hours in a group. As well as, some other time they come to visit and attend some Especial Events, like Community Function, Familiy Parities, Wedding Ceremonies which has almost been organized by church heads in a very attentive way.

Similarly, Saint Luke Catholic Church has surrounded a beautiful lady garden, which attracts many youngsters, tourists, visitors and families. As can see, in the evening lots of families with their kids come to spend some time for a change of routine life.

Furthermore, St Luke’s Catholic Church Abbottabad has a contact numbers (+44 121 622 2435), all the interested visitors can call them or get the information about regarding St Luke’s Mass Times, St Luke’s Easter Hours, St Luke’s Scheduling, St Luke Church Hours, St Luke’s Christmas Hours, in a very professional way.

From Abbottabad City to St Luke's Church Abbottabad, it takes time to cover a distance about from N-35, 7.8 km or 29 min drive by car.

Alias Names

St Luke's Church Abbottabad

Established Founded in 1864


Location Jinnah Road, Abbotabad
City / Town Abbottabad
State Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)
Country Pakistan

St Lukes Church Abbottabad, Jinnah Road, Abbottabad

Contacts +44 121 622 2435
Geo Coordinates 34.1502345729074 °N,    73.2133921699058 °E

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St Luke's Church Abbottabad Visit Timings

  • 24 Hours Open

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