Masoom Shah jo Minaro Photo

Masoom Shah jo Minaro

Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan

(Mir Masoom Shah’s minaret) Mir Masoom Shah's Jo Minaro Sukkur is an old historical Monument, located in Sindh, Pakistan. Mir Masoom Shah’s minaret was completed in 1617 A.D by Syed Nizamuddin Shah also known as Mir Masoom Shah. In early century, he was the governor of Sukkur during Mughal Emperor Akbar era. The design of ... .

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Ghanta Ghar Multan Photo

Ghanta Ghar Multan

Katchery Road, Multan, Pakistan

(Clock Tower Multan) Ghanta Ghar Multan is an old historical landmark, located in Center City on Tughlaq Road near Bata Shoe Store, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower Multan was built in 1884 A.D in the time of British Raj, and it took years to complete it. (Clock Tower Multan) Ghanta Ghar Multan was constructed up to t ... .

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