Mohenjo Daro Photo
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Mohenjo Daro

Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan

(Mound of the Dead) Mohenjo-Daro larkana is a most advanced cities in the world during its time, located in west of the Indus River, Radhan Road, Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. It was discovered in 1922 by R.D Banerji, an officer of the Archaeological Survey of India. It was spread an area around 300 hectares with a peak population of about 40 ... .

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Rawat Fort Photo

Rawat Fort

G.T.Road, Rawat, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Rawat Fort Rawalpindi is an old fort, located in Pothohar, Islamabad & Lahore Road, Rawat, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. It was built in early 16th century a tribe of the Pothohar plateau by Gakhars. Rawat Fort is far from Rawalpindi is about 17 km on Grand Trunk Road. In Rawat Fort entered all the period of war in 1546 A.D happened between ... .

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Lahore Fort Photo

Lahore Fort

Iqbal Park, Fort Road, Lahore, Pakistan

The Lahore Fort Shahi Qila Lahore Pakistan has many popular names Shahi Qila, Royal Fort, Citadel, located near Iqbal Park, Fort Road, Punjab. It was built in the 17th century, during the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar around 1556 -1605 and also upgraded subsequently after Mughal by Sikhs and British rulers. Lahore Fort area spread around ... .

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Kot Diji Photo

Kot Diji

Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, Pakistan

Kot Diji Fort Khairpur Formerly known as Fort Ahmedabad, located in Khairpur Mirs Sindh, Pakistan. It was built in 1785-1795 by Mir Suhrab Khan Talpur founder of the Kingdom of Upper Sindh in 1783. It is about 25 miles east of the Indus River at the edge of the Nara Rajasthan Desert. Kot Diji Khairpur has only one main entrance gate know ... .

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Derawar Fort Photo

Derawar Fort

Ahmedpur District Bahawalpur, Pakistan

(Qilla Derawar) Derawar Fort Ahmedpur is the historical, large and impressive structure in the heart of Cholistan desert, located in Ahmedpur, District Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Derawar Fort was basically first built in 9th century, by Hindu Rajput, Rai Jajja Bhatti, and a Hindu Rajput from Jaisalmir in India Rajasthan state. In the ... .

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