Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan


Skardu City is a beautiful high mountain hill resort for the visitors, located in Skardu District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is an about to Elevation 2,228m in a sea level approximately.

However, this outstanding city population is about all around some 4 lacs or 5 lacs peoples are living their traditional life with all together. Similarly, there Men's and women are very kind, hardworking and honest, usually done their all work by themselves with the help of each other, is in it a positive sign to live a happy life with helping each other in a very pleasant way.

Furthermore, whenever, visitors want to trip to Skardu Pakistan they need to know about the best weather, almost in winter season its seems to be very cold, and in summers season can be find some time pleasant, but some time mid in it.

In fact, if visitors need to stay at skardu city, there are reasonable price staying hotel can be find near to the beautiful lakes, it will mesmerize visitors trip more than other way to go, so first plan then come and enjoy the skardu city beauty which is the best gift from nature.

for the visitors, took the flight to skardu airport from Islamabad, it takes time to reach about 1 hour, and by car, it takes about 634km or 13h 5min, and from Lahore city to Skardu coming from by car, it takes time to reach about 979km or 16h 50min, or from Skardu city to Gilgit going visitors, it takes time to reach about 188km or 3h 40min approximately.

Alias Names




Highway Code S-1
Location Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
State Gilgit Baltistan
Country Pakistan

Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 35.33353496728576 °N,    75.54492119448241 °E

Skardu Attractions

Skardu City Around Attractive Spots

  • Kharpocho Fort
  • Mindoq Khar
  • Hilal Bagh
  • Chahar Bagh
  • Shangrila Resort
  • Buddhist Rock
  • Nansoq Village
  • Kachura Lake
  • Sadpara Lake
  • Upper Kachura Lake
  • Deosai National Park
  • Shigar Valley
  • Sheosar Lake
  • Braldo Valley
  • Thungal
  • Askole
  • Kharmang Valley
  • Snow Lake

Travelor Instructions

Skardu City Pakistan Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Skardu Map



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