Shahdara Bagh

Ravi River, Lahore

Shahdara Bagh

Shahdara Bagh (Garden) Lahore is the most popular spots among these days, located in north bank of the Ravi River, Punjab, Pakistan. It's as famous as its early times, when obey rules under the Mughal Emperors times.

Similarly, Shahdara has a special hidden meaning behind, shah means "King" and dara means "the ways of going", so when combine these Latin words it’s become "The ways of Kings", in 15th century, actually it’s the ways of entrance of king’s gate under the Mughal empires in a Shahi way. Shahdara garden Lahore has many interesting, exciting and historical features inside to be located.

However, this Shahi garden has spread a wide range, it has plenty of greenery, long tress, variety of colorful flowers can be seen all around the garden, which fascinate the guest, visitors, families, as well as enhance the beauty of this spot among all.

Moreover, Shahdara Mughal Bagh (Garden) Lahore has historically main features inside are Jahangir's Tomb, Asif Khan Tomb, Akbari Serai, Noor Jahan Tomb and last but not the least is Kamran baradari is also can be found near surround the Mughal Garden Shahdara. Most of the students, families, tourist, visitors come to see these mausoleums, and get to know the historical background, and captured the beauty of this place in their cameras in a very professional way.

From Shahdara to Lahore distance covered 17.1 km or 34 min, Lahore to Islamabad distance covered by car is about 298 km or 5 h 28 min to reach their destination.

Alias Names

Shahdara Garden Lahore • شاہدره باغ‬‎


Park & Garden

Location Ravi River, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Shahdara Bagh, Bank of Ravi River, Lahore

Geo Coordinates 31.624753311424 °N,    74.2821516232789 °E

Shahdara Bagh Attractions

Shahdara Bagh (Garden) Lahore Surrounding Interesting Spots

  • Jahangir's Tomb
  • Asif Khan Tomb
  • Akbari Serai
  • Anarkali Tomb
  • Kamran baradari
  • Shalimar Garden
  • Shahdara Bagh Railway Station
  • Badami Bagh
  • Lahore Fort

Travelor Instructions

Shahdara Bagh (Garden) Lahore Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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