Sea View Beach Clifton

Clifton, Karachi

Sea View Beach Clifton

Sea View Beach Clifton Karachi is the most popular and entertaining spot for Sea Lovers, located in Arabian Sea, Sindh, Pakistan. Many families come to enjoy the waves of the cool cool sea water to stand still and waves has come one after other, feel so fascinating.

Some years ago, Clifton Beach Karachi has its own place in its kind, but nowadays sea view beach is Spoilt their value among visitors, some dirtiness around the sea, no dustbins are available, that's whys, when visitors come and eat something, so where they supposed to through rappers, if some proper dustbins are keep in place, then cleanness will be upholding for longtime.

similarly, Clifton Beach is always being the sparkling spot among all, many of the foreigners come from different regions and countries to be seen and enjoying the luxury waves come from the sea one by one, many of the families usually make movies on their prestigious moments in their cameras for memorial purpose.

However, in the meanwhile, visitors also get to enjoy some sports activities with their children's such as walking in the beach with their family and friends, some take horse and camel riding, some eating butta (Corns) which is very famous item among all and can get in a very cheap price, some wants to do bike racing, some are flying a kite with their friends and many more other activities can be done throughout the Sea View Beach Clifton Karachi in a very good manner.

As can see, many famous restaurants, cinemas, food courts, playing areas, parks, very near to reach during the trip of Seaview Karachi.

Alias Names

Clifton Beach Karachi



NearBy Landmark Dollmen Mall Clifton
Location Clifton, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Sea View Road, Clifton, Karachi

Geo Coordinates 24.7906793564231 °N,    67.042715549469 °E

Sea View Beach Clifton Attractions

Sea View Beach Clifton Karachi Around Attraction Places

  • Hyperstar
  • Mcdonald
  • Many Famous Resturants
  • Captain farhan Ali Shaheed park
  • Manora beach

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Sea View Beach Clifton Karachi Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hour Open

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