Rohtas Fort

G.T.Road, Jhelum, Punjab

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort Jhelum or Qila Rohtas is an interesting historical spot, located in G.T Road, Jhelum city, Punjab, Pakistan. The fort was built in 16th Century by Sher Shah Suri, the Afghan King. It’s away from Dina city to Jhelum, took time 8 km approximately.

Qila Rohtas fort was completed in around 8 years, its unique design distinct architectural style, massiveness walls and historical importance is enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 A.D in a very efficient way.

Moreover, as history said that, the main purpose to build this strong elegant fort was to stop the Emperor Humayun, and the other main reason was to suppress the local tribe of this region Potohar called Gakhars, even though these tribes were supporters of the Mughal Emperor Babur, as they refused to fulfill its order against Humayun, because they were used to helped Gakhars against them. In the Mean Time, they engaged with Sher Shah Suri who ordered them to fight and crush the Gakhars, and take over their lands, so that the Afghans were suddenly defeated, and eventually, fort was took over into the hands of the Gakhars.

Similarly, In the end, Humayun captured the fort in 1555 finally, after that, Ranjit Singh, the Sikh ruler captured the Qila Rohtas in 1825 and was used as an administratively in a very professional way.

At Rohtas Fort has the 12 gates and all of them are built in ashlar stone include Sohail Gate, Shah Chandwali Gate, Kabuli Gate, Shishi Gate, Langar Khani Gate, Talaqi Gate, Khwas Khani Gate, Gatali Gate, Mori Gate, Pipalwala Gate, Sar Gate.

Millions of visitors love to come across the regions, and spend their whole day here and gather all the information and also captured the beauty of Rohtas Fort in their cameras.

Alias Names

Qila Rohtas Fort Jhelum • قلعہ روہتاس‬

Established Built in 16th century


Location G.T.Road, Jhelum, Punjab
City / Town Jhelum
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Rohtas Fort, Rohtas Fort Road, Jhelum

Geo Coordinates 32.9657104968618 °N,    73.576523065567 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription in 1997
Official Website

Rohtas Fort Attractions

Rohtas Fort 12 Gates

  • Sohail Gate
  • Shah Chandwali Gate
  • Kabuli Gate
  • Shishi Gate
  • Langar Khani Gate
  • Talaqi Gate
  • Mori or Kashmir Gate
  • Khwas Khani Gate
  • Gatali GateTulla m
  • Tulla Mori Gate
  • Pipalwala Gate
  • Sar Gate

Other Attraction

  • Haveli Man Singh
  • Phansi Ghat
  • Museum near Sohail Gate
  • Rani Mahal
  • Royal Mosque
  • Talaqi, Shishi and Langar Khana gates

Travelor Instructions

Rohtas Fort Jhelum Visit Timings

Saturday - Friday  08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Map Of Rohtas Fort

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