Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Neelum Road, Muzaffarabad

Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Red Fort Muzaffarabad or Muzaffarabad Fort has another famous name called Rutta Qila, located in along the bank of Neelam River, Neelum Road, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It was built in 1646, by the Sultan Muzaffar Khan, or as say that Chak rulers of Kashmir.

Muzaffarabad Fort is a historical fort in their early time, it was very interesting or elegant fort, but now a days its damage and condition was not as good as it was. There long walls with lots of greenery, river waving sound seems to be look like a paradise place in one way on earth.

However, Muzaffarabad weather is slightly cool and calm, cloudy and rainy in winter season, sometime harsh and hot in summer season but changeable time to time, so visitors can visit Muzaffarabad city in winter season along with their families, and enjoy to explore the Muzaffarabad beauty spots in a very professional way.

Many tourists, visitors, families, and even foreigners also get interest in this fort, because of its outstanding location, that's why, red fort as famous as other forts are, so come to plan for Red Fort Muzaffarabad with their friends, and relatives, students in groups and take selfies beside this neelum river and red fort and to enjoy scenic view which make visitor trip more fascinating and fun loving.

For the visitor’s info, from Red fort Muzaffarabad to Muzaffarabad City, it takes time to reach about 4.5 km or 21 min, probably.

Alias Names

Muzaffarabad Fort • Rutta Qila

Established Built in 1646


Location Neelum Road, Muzaffarabad
City / Town Muzaffarabad
State Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan

Red Fort Muzaffarabad, Neelum Road, Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad

Contacts +92 (58229) 21317
Geo Coordinates 34.3823598 °N,    73.464886 °E
Associated AJK Tourism and Archeology Department

Travelor Instructions

Red Fort Muzaffarabad

  • 24 Hours Open

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