Punjab, Pakistan


Rawalpindi City is also known as Pindi or spell it individually then called Rawal means Lake Pind means Village so called it "The village of lake", located in Punjab, Pakistan. The total area of the city is approximately 108.8 sq km.

Rawalpindi is the 4th largest city of Pakistan, it is also associated with as twin cities along with capital Islamabad. In Rawalpindi mostly variety of Punjabis and other languages people lived like Urdu, English, Pothohari, Majhi, Pahari, shahpuri, Dhani and Kashmiri but the mother tongue is off course Urdu because of the easy to speak everyone.

For Tourist and Visitors has many attractive places in Rawalpindi like Paharwala Fort, Rawal Dam, Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Liquate Memorial Hall and Garden, Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi Golf Course, Poonch House, Gulshan Dadan Khan Mosque, Army Museum, Lal Haveli and many attractive and innovative places to be seen at Rawalpindi city.

From Islamabad to Rawalpindi distance covered 21.1km or 8mins, from Taxila to Rawalpindi it takes 29.1km or 41min to reach by car.

Alias Names




Location Punjab, Pakistan
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 33.598394 °N,    73.04413520000003 °E

Rawalpindi Attractions

Rawalpindi City around Attractive Places

  • Paharwala Fort
  • Rawal Dam
  • Jinnah Park
  • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
  • Liquate Memorial Hall and Garden
  • Ayub National Park
  • Rawalpindi Golf Course
  • Poonch House
  • Gulshan Dadan Khan Mosque
  • Army Museum
  • Lal Haveli

Map Of Rawalpindi

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