Azad Kashmir, Pakistan


Rawalakot city is also known as the "Pearl Valley", Located in district Poonch of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. Its altitude is an around 1615 Meters. This city is full of beautiful valleys, greenery and amazing flowers of Kashmir.

Rawalakot city town has mini bazaars where all essential can buy in a very reasonable prices with good quality. There is so amazing informative places to be seen like Paniola, beautiful Banjosa Lake, Ghori mar, Toli Peer, Koyian, Poonch River, Hot Spring (Tatta Pani), Markets, Parks & Gardens, Museums, Lakes, Rivers and so many other attractive and innovative places to be seen with family and friends.

From Islamabad to Rawalakot distance covered 113km or 3hours 13min by car, from Abbottabad to Rawalakot take S-2 it takes 172 km or 4 hours 19min by car.

Alias Names

راولا کوٹ



Location Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
State Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan

Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 33.8567701 °N,    73.7588945 °E

Rawalakot Attractions

Rawalakot city Around Attractive Places

  • Paniola
  • Banjosa Lake
  • Ghori mar
  • Toli Peer
  • Koyian
  • Poonch River
  • Hot Spring (Tatta Pani)

Rawalakot City Surrounding Villages

  • Singola
  • Khaigala
  • Rairbun
  • Topa Soon
  • Kaimon
  • Thithrot
  • Motialmara
  • Trar Dewan
  • Chare
  • Chuck
  • Tranni
  • Dahmni
  • Parat
  • Pothi Bala/Makwalan
  • Kharek
  • Pakgali
  • Khayt Chrian
  • Mohri Furman Shah
  • Dreak
  • Banjosa
  • Hussainkot
  • Hurnamaira
  • Thorar
  • Rehara
  • Bangoin
  • Jandala
  • Timrota
  • Thala Tain
  • Pachiot

Map Of Rawalakot

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