Nagar Valley, Karakoram Highway, Gilgit


Rakaposhi Mountain Peak Gilgit is a Highest range in top of the mountain range, located in Nagar Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It elevation is about 7,788m approximately. It's a very famous Himalaya highest peak and interesting spot among visitors. Its listed in the world 27th rank, and 12th rank in Asia Pakistan in a very proud way.

As can see its popularity because of highest Mountain peak among tourist, that's why, most of the climbing, hiking, treking mountaineers lovers visit and attempting trek to Rakaposhi Base Camp near to it, and they could have also explore the other Highest peak which is surrounding to Rakaposhi such Diran Peak (7266 m), Phuparash Peak (6574 m), Batura II (7762 m), Hunza Peak (6270 m), Ladyfinger Peak (6000 m), Naltar Peak (4678 m), Sangemarmar Sar (6949 m), Bojohagur Duanasir (7329 m), Ultar (7388 m), Miar Peak (6824), visitors and tourist love to do hiking, treking and get fact and figures about the peaks in Asia in a very professional way.

Similarly, At Rakaposhi many species can be found on the way, like Marco Polo sheep, Snow Leopard, brown bear, wolves and numbers of other unknown animals, birds, species can be seen frequently.

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Location Nagar Valley, Karakoram Highway, Gilgit
City / Town Gilgit
State Gilgit Baltistan
Country Pakistan

Rakaposhi, Nagar Valley, Karakoram Highway, Gilgit

Geo Coordinates 36.1557314876705 °N,    74.476318359375 °E

Rakaposhi Attractions

Rakaposhi Mountain Peak Gilgit Surrounds Other Peaks Info

  • Diran Peak
  • Phuparash Peak
  • Batura II
  • Hunza Peak
  • Ladyfinger Peak
  • Naltar Peak
  • Sangemarmar Sar
  • Bojohagur Duanasir
  • Ultar
  • Miar Peak

Travelor Instructions

Rakaposhi Mountain Peak Gilgit

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Rakaposhi Mountain Peak Gilgit Best Months To Visit

  • July - August - September

Rakaposhi Map


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