Balochistan, Pakistan


Quetta City Pakistan is also famous for Little London, located in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is in the list of 9th largest city, because of its beauty and geographical location in the country all along. It spread an area around 2656 km2 and elevation about 1680m approximately.

However, as can search from the past, Quetta City has almost counted Population in Millions, there living people are seeming to be very honest, love to play sports games, live hearted and helpful in front of others.

Similarly, at Quetta city Pakistan many different languages can be spoken in routine life style such as, Urdu, Pashto, Hazaragi, Balochi, Punjabi in a very comfort way. They are all live together, works as same place, even different language peoples living around but Quetta city people treat with each other as brother, it’s a very positive sign of this city, that why, this city always be in peace and calm environment.

In Quetta city, it has many attractive and famous features around, usually, its popularity because of its fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry fruits. For the tourist, visitors and families can be find numbers of historical, cultural, traditional spots, some are listed like, Parish Cathedral Quetta, Kolpur Road passes under Railway line, Quetta International Airport, Quetta Railway Station, Hanna Lake, Askari Park, and several other informative places located at Quetta City Pakistan.

For the visitor’s info, the distance covered from Quetta city to Karachi is about to take 722km or 9h 45min approximately, so if someone wants to visit Quetta to Karachi, then make plan before visit.

Alias Names

Quetta City Balochistan Pakistan • کوئٹہ‎



Highway Code N25
Location Balochistan, Pakistan
State Balochistan
Country Pakistan

Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 30.182897105842308 °N,    66.97534513739015 °E

Quetta Attractions

Quetta City Pakistan Around Attractive Places

  • Kolpur Road passes under Railway line
  • Quetta International Airport
  • Quetta Railway Station
  • Hanna Lake
  • Askari Park
  • Parish Cathedral Quetta
  • Quetta Archaeological Museum

Travelor Instructions

Quetta City Pakistan Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Map Of Quetta

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