Phool Hattan Wali Masjid

Chowk Bazaar Road, Multan

Phool Hattan Wali Masjid

Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) Multan is famous for its variety of beautiful flower seller Bazaar middle of the city, located in Alang Haram gate, Punjab, Pakistan.

However, Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) has behind attached a lots of stories, some said that the Mughal Emperor Farrukh Sher visit to Multan during (1713-1718 AD) for being childless, and he suddenly asked to fakir (beggar) to pray on his behalf for a childlessness, after some time passes away, Mughal Emperor Farrukh Sher had a beautiful son was born to the Emperor.

Similarly, Mughal Emperor Farrukh Sher was happy to have his son for the emperor, then he offered fakir (beggar) of Rs.80, 000/- instantly, but the fakir has refused his offered. Thus, the Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) Multan was built by the behalf of this fakir (Beggar).

Majority local people of Multan, visitors and others come to perform prayer of 5 times daily.

Alias Names

Phool Hattan Wali Mosque Multan


Masjid (Mosque)

Location Chowk Bazaar Road, Multan
City / Town Multan
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Phool Hattan Wali Masjid, Chowk Bazaar Road, Multan

Geo Coordinates 30.1942356902677 °N,    71.4735949588177 °E

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Phool Hattan Wali Masjid (Mosque) Multan Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

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