Patriata New Murree

Patriata Road, Murree, Punjab

Patriata New Murree

Patriata New Murree is an amazing hill station, and most visiting spots, located in Patriata Road, Murree Tehsil District Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. This spot has a huge space of natural beauty around, that's why, every visitor love to come here with family and friends. It spread an area around 7500 feet above sea level.

Furthermore, Murree city has many outstanding features which are also represent unique kind of beauty in different styles around like Tall Pine Trees, beautiful Green Hills, High Mountain covered with clear white snow, such a wonderful city come from heaven.

Moreover, as we all know the most attractive activity among visitors at Patriata New Murree is the Chairlift and Cable Car System, which takes visitors up to high hill mountain peaks, to see real natural beauty, eye catching mesmerizing views, sometime, variety of long green trees cross upwards the visitors Chairlift can be seen look amazing for a moment.

During Chairlift trip visitors can be seen one side of Murree hills and on the other hand can find Kashmir Hills covered with high snow. By All Means, Chairlift and Cable Car is a memorable life time journey in which visitor can captured the beauty of Murree and Kashmir hills in the cameras in a very professional way.

Similarly, Patriata has a coolest weather because of the high hills mountains which were covered with snow all around. Visitors can plan before come to Murree Patriata look over the best season and visit timings are, in summer season June to September, timings 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM, and in winter, October to May, timings 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM, just go for it and enjoy their bore days turn into lovely memorable days forever.

Alias Names

Patriata Chairlift & Cable Car System


Hill Station

Location Patriata Road, Murree, Punjab
City / Town Murree
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Patriata New Murree, Patriata Road, Murree

Geo Coordinates 33.8775189734187 °N,    73.454761505127 °E

Travelor Instructions

Patriata New Murree Ticket Prices

  • Chairlift + Cable Car Rs:400/- Per person

Patriata New Murree Best Season And Their Visit Timings

  • June till September - 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM
  • October till May - 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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