Pakistan Monument Museum

Shakarparian Hills, Islamabad

Pakistan Monument Museum

Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad is adjacent to Pakistan Monument, located at Shakarparian Hills, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 2010, by the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. No doubt, they are running this stunning historical spot in a very professional way.

Shakarparian Museum Islamabad has many fascinating features for the visitors, actually there have 3 main spots to be explore by many families, tourist, and visitors like Shakarparian Hills, Pakistan National Monument and Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad. when visitors come along with their families, they definitely spend their whole day to get new information’s, captured the beauty around the spots in a very good way.

Similarly, Heritage Museum Islamabad has representing the main structure is how the sacrifice people died for their nation called Pakistan, some special moments are showcase our Hero’s history during to face the making of Pakistan, the large portion of Photo gallery to inform visitors about the struggle periods, as well as, the theater rooms in which the history past golden moments were showing in front of the visitors, and plenty of other more features has seen all long the Pakistan museum Islamabad in a very conventional way.

Mostly families, local peoples, tourist and visitors must come to see and realize the freedom fighter’s history, and also aware their children’s that how our freedom fighters pass through the struggle era and sacrifice for the independence of Pakistan.

Established Established in 2010


NearBy Landmark Shakarparain Park
Location Shakarparian Hills, Islamabad
City / Town Islamabad
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Pakistan Monument Museum, Shakarparian Hills, Islamabad

Geo Coordinates 33.6928567931783 °N,    73.0692851543427 °E
Associated National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage

Travelor Instructions

Pakistan Monument Islamabad Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday  10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Pakistan Monument Museum Islamabad Visit Timings

Sunday  10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Monday - Closed

Pakistan Monument & Museum Islamabad Ticket Price

Rs: 20/- for Adults and Rs:10/- for Children

Map Of Pakistan Monument Museum

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