Pak Gate Multan

Sarafa Bazar Road, Multan

Pak Gate Multan

Pak Gate Multan is an old historical landmark, located in Sarafa Bazar Road near Agha Khan Health Centre Punjab, Pakistan.

Pak Gate Multan is famous for the shrine (Mazar) of Saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. Many people talking about different stories attached with this Pak gate, butt as can see now Pak gate has vanish, and surrounding of this gate many shops, markets, schools, and commercial area has be settled.

Therefore, many devotees, follower, visitors were come here for different purpose some has come for prayers, and some has come for shopping, which has near and around of Pak Gate Multan.

From Pak Gate Multan to Multan city has time to reach in 6.7 km or 18 min to reach by car or any conveyance.

Alias Names

pak gate



Location Sarafa Bazar Road, Multan
City / Town Multan
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Pak Gate Multan, Sarafa Bazar Road, Alang Khooni Burj, Inner City, Multan

Geo Coordinates 30.1882538 °N,    71.4726302 °E

Travelor Instructions

Pak Gate Multan

  • Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Pak Gate Multan Map


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