Nueplex Cinemas

DHA, Karachi

UAN: +92 111-683-683

Nueplex Cinemas

The Place - Nueplex Cinemas DHA Karachi is the first 3D movie theatre and the largest Cinema Complex, located in Khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Phase-8, Sindh, Pakistan. It was opened in 30 August 2013 and designed by expert architects Mesbur & Smith of Canada. The main aims is to provide on 5 cinemas with total of 1200 seats with 3 of the largest silver screens in Pakistan.

Nueplex Cinemas Karachi has bring a revolution in the way films are viewed and enjoyed for every local, families, tourist and visitors who love to see latest movies in big screen, it will create an great digital 2D & 3D experience complemented by 10,000 watt sound systems and automated screen systems designed by the top famous European and American manufacturers in a very good manner.

The Place Nueplex Cinema Karachi Pakistan is situated at second floor full furnished, a great design with comfort seating arrangements, lots of eating area and many more other sports activity club is places in the Nueplex Cinema as well as the ticket rates are very reasonable, all the latest movies can be watched promos in the site of the Nueplex Cinemas and advance booking system is also available to save the time of the visitors.

Alias Names

The Place Nueplex Cinemas Karachi

Established Opened in 30 August 2013


NearBy Landmark Creek Park
Location DHA, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Nueplex Cinemas - The Place, Khayaban-e-Shaheen, DHA Phase-8, Karachi

Contacts +92 111-683-683
Geo Coordinates 24.7794910978162 °N,    67.0896461606026 °E
Official Website

Travelor Instructions

The Place Nueplex Cinema Karachi Tickets Price

2D Movies Cinema Rates
Cinema 1, 3, 4 -  Rs: 500/-
Cinema 2 - Rs: 600/-

Royal Cinema 
Rs: 1000/-

3D Movies Cinema Rates
Cinema 1, 3, 4 -  Rs: 600/-
Cinema 2 - Rs: 700/-

3D Movies Glasses Rates

Rs: 250/-

Rs: 500/-

Rs: 250/-

The Place Nueplex Cinema Karachi Visit Timings

Mon – Thu  10:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Fri – Sat  10:00 AM - 03:00 AM
Sun - 10:00 AM - 02:00 AM

Map Of Nueplex Cinemas

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