Noor Mahal

Bahawalpur, Punjab

Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal Bahawalpur (Noor Palace) is a beautiful Italian style building, located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Its construction completed in 1875, under the supervision of Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV, who made the Noor Mahal Palace for his beloved wife Noor. Its spread an area around 44,600 square feet.

Similarly, as history told us about the Noor Mahal Palace was made for the residential purpose for Nawab Sadiq family, but unfortunately they did not live here for a single day, because, In the meantime, when his wife Noor realized that the Noor Mahal was facing very nearly to graveyard from her balcony, so she suddenly refused to live at beautiful stunning Noor Mahal not even a single day, for long.

Some years ago, luckily, Pakistan Army took the responsibility for the Noor Mahal Palace and helped to restore and preserve into its original shape and it is opened for General Public, Students, delegations, Tourist and visitors from other countries with the reasonable entry fees individually.

Therefore, Noor Mahal has amazing features in its kinds, in the middle of the palace have a sightseeing huge king size Fountain which look so attractive and unique with fill of clean water, sparkling in the evening and lightening in the night, after that, inside the Noor Mahal has double storey building having 32 Rooms, 14 in Basement, 6 Verandas covered with elegant carpet, 5 Domes and Prison cell.

Many other unique early old age items to be present nicely such as Old Currency Notes, Old Piano, Old Furniture, Gallery of imaginary beautiful paintings of Nawabs contain in long wall most of which are made by western artists in a very professional way.

Many visitors, families, student, tourist and more others, always be attract of Noor Mahal spots and added in to their travel list because of its attractive Italian style building, so you all must visit and captured the stylish unique building in your cameras forever.

Alias Names

Noor Mahal Palace Bahawalpur • نور محل‎

Established Completed in 1875


Dedicated Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan wife Noor
Location Bahawalpur, Punjab
City / Town Bahawalpur
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Noor Mahal, Circular Road, Bahawalpur

Geo Coordinates 29.3808662419762 °N,    71.6677665710449 °E
Associated Administered by Pakistan Army

Travelor Instructions

Noor Mahal Palace Bahawalpur Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Noor Mahal Map


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