Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Road, Multan

Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Hospital & medical College Multan is a unique and beautiful three story building, located in Nishtar Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was founded in 01 October 1953 as an efficient Hospital which is performing very actively in a very professional way.

Nishtar Hospital & Medical College Multan is working very efficiently all over the Punjab. Nishtar Hospital first blocks took place in 1953, under the plan of many senior participation includes, Dr M.J Bhutta, Mr.Inamullah, Mr.Jamaal-ud-Din and Mr. Murat Khan.

Nishtar Hospital Multan is the 3rd oldest medical institution of Pakistan. It has total 1800 bed capacity available for patients, 20 to 24 Departments, over 31 wards like, A Burn Unit, an outpatient and Accident & Emergency Department and 15 Operation Theatres, Medicine dept, Surgery dept, Gynecology dept, Tuberculosis dept, Pediatrics dept, Ophthalmology dept, ENT, Anesthesia and Radiology departments, and uncountable other features to be obtain gradually at Nishtar Hospital & Medical College Multan.

Almost, all the citizens of Multan or outsiders of the regions, visit with their patients to fulfill their needs, and then they left, with the help of Allah, to feels great satisfaction with pleasure and happiness.

Alias Names

Nishtar Hospital & Medical College Multan

Established Founded in 01 October 1953


NearBy Landmark Nishtar Park
Location Nishtar Road, Multan
City / Town Multan
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Nishtar Hospital, Nishtar Road, Multan

Contacts +92 (61) 9200231-7
Geo Coordinates 30.2028274243781 °N,    71.4426058530808 °E
Official Website

Nishtar Hospital Attractions

Nishtar Hospital and Medical College Multan Facilities

Computer Lab
Male Students Hostels

  • Ibn-e-Sina Hall
  • Iqbal Hall
  • Razi Hall
  • Qasim Hall

Female Students Hostels

  • Tariq Hall
  • Rafida Hall

Travelor Instructions

Nishtar Hospital & Medical College Multan Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Nishtar Hospital Multan OPD Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Map Of Nishtar Hospital

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