Monument of Taj Mughal

Gilgit Baltistan

Monument of Taj Mughal

Monument of Taj Mughal Gilgit or Taj Mughul Tower is one of the historical landmarks, located in Gilgit Town, Pakistan. The Taj Mughul Tower is said to be a Buddhish Stupa, while local oral tradition associates it to an Ismaili warrior who conquered Gilgit in the 14th century CE. It was constructed about early 700 years ago. It's a most impressive monument for history lovers.

Similarly, it's a symbol to celebrate the victory of Taj Mughal in early times, and it’s a most awaited spots, several visitors, tourist and outsiders, come to explore the history behind it in daily basis.

Moreover, the beautiful city Gilgit is mostly famous for its unique, glorious natural beauty, that’s why lots of visitors love to spend their vacations in Gilgit, as well as, their organic fruits, plants and other features are also most famous in around the globe.

Its 30 Kilometer drive away from Gilgit Town, Pakistan.

Alias Names

Taj Mughul Tower



Location Gilgit Baltistan
City / Town Gilgit
State Gilgit Baltistan
Country Pakistan

Monument of Taj Mughal, Gilgit Town, Gilgit

Geo Coordinates 35.889382832466 °N,    74.4647698857962 °E

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