Masti Gate

Fort Road, Lahore

Masti Gate

Masti Gate Lahore is just behind the Lahore Fort, located in Fort Road, Punjab, Pakistan. The Masti Gate is not the actual name but is rather twisted and pronounced instead of "Masjidi," which means a mosque.

Masti Gate Lahore is including one of the 13 gates of the Lahore Fort. Similarly, this masti gate is no longer available there, it has around numerous shops, markets and residential areas been situated, but somehow, its memorable history has touched heart all the history lovers.

Therefore, the walled city of Lahore has gates includes, Akbari Gate, Bhati Gate, Delhi Gate, Kashmiri Gate, Lahori Gate, Masti Gate, Mochi Gate, Mori Gate, Roshnai Gate, Shahalmi Gate, Shairanwala Gate, Taxali Gate, and Yakki Gate. All 13 Gates are beautifully designed, and the entrance of the Lahore fort.

Most of the people, school students, families, delegates come here to view these historical gates and get to know their history behind it.

Alias Names

Masti Gate Lahore Fort Lahore



Location Fort Road, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Masti Gate, Maulana Obaid Ullah Anwar Road, Katri Bawa Walled City, Lahore

Geo Coordinates 31.5881920486506 °N,    74.3181217116394 °E

Travelor Instructions

Masti Gate Lahore Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Masti Gate Map


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