Mall Road Murree

GPO Chowk, Murree

Mall Road Murree

Mall Road Murree is the most visited and exciting spot among all age, located in GPO Chowk, Murree, Punjab, Pakistan. It has a huge space road with the combination of many different shops, its look like a big shopping malls.

It has surrounding many famous Shops, Cafeteria, Hotels, Play area, Many Banks, General Stores, Pakwan shops, Dry Fruits Markets, Garments shop for kids, a variety of Food courts, a gifts shop, Jewellery shop, Ladys scarfs, Good quality of Leather Jackets and Sweaters shops for all ages, and plenty of other uncountable variety of shops are located in a very professional way.

Most of the time, families, tourist, visitors, newly marriage couples, visit in the season of winter, when snow covered all the spaces, and the cold cold fresh air moving around. Besides that, Murree city is always in the hit list among travel lovers, that’s why, people love to come and buy their favorite products from Murree in a very reasonable price and within high quality.

Moreover, Murree City, having lots of Restaurant and Hotels, for the visitors, to spending their vacations with comforts, in their own choice, either, they are looking for low price hotel in Murree, Guest House for rent, or highly maintained hotel looking around, all to be found in One places around at Mall Road Murree.

The good thing about Murree mall road is a weather, is always seen cool and calm pleasant during in snowy winter, or either in starting in midsummer. Murree city Pakistan has giving warmup welcome, to all the visitors, all the time, in all the season, in a very attractive way.



NearBy Landmark Kashmir Point
Location GPO Chowk, Murree
City / Town Murree
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Mall Road Murree, GPO Chowk, Murree

Geo Coordinates 33.9053664 °N,    73.39217389999999 °E

Travelor Instructions

Mall Road Murree Visit Timings

All Days Open - 24 Hours

Map Of Mall Road Murree

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