Lake View Park

Murree Road, Islamabad

Lake View Park

Lake View Park Islamabad or Rawal Lake View Point is a recreational and wildlife park, located on Murree-Islamabad highway Road, Pakistan. The park has huge space for the visitors to enjoy the beautiful and magnificent scenery with lots of greenery with different type of pretty flowers around them brings joy to their eyes all the time.

Some years ago, Rawal Lake View point is under the supervision of Capital Development Authority (CDA), they have created new improvements and installation in Lake View Amusement Park for the visitors interest very nicely, these are including, Roller Coaster, Motor Bike Safari, a train and busses which Jaunt around all over the time, and plenty of other thrilling sports facilities are available for adventures

Moreover, at the very first right side of the entrance have a Zoo, which has full of unique kind of animals and species enclave around the Zoo look interesting and entertaining, when visitor go near and bring some tasty snacks for them.

Similarly, there is water adventure sports activities in Lake View Park, where Speed Boats, Water Scooters (Jet Ski) and Manual Boating are available, for families, tourist, visitors and couples, all have different rates and prices.

There is uncountable activities related to recreational, adventurous or either wildlife, all can find at one stop called Lake View Park Islamabad.

Alias Names

Rawal Lake View Point Islamabad


Amusement Park

NearBy Landmark Shakar Parian National Park
Highway Code N75 Muree Road
Location Murree Road, Islamabad
City / Town Islamabad
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Lake View Park, Murree Road, Islamabad

Geo Coordinates 33.7127431378633 °N,    73.1315660476685 °E
Associated Capital Development Authority (CDA)
Official Website

Lake View Park Attractions

Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad Rides Info

  • Ibex club
  • Aim and Shoot
  • rock climbing gym
  • Ride the Bull
  • Motor sports
  • Boating Area
  • Paintball battlefield
  • Zoo of rare species of Birds
  • Passenger train and Electric Bus
  • Fun Rides and games for children and adults
  • Car Dodging and The Dragon Ride

Travelor Instructions

Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Lake View Park Map


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