Lahore Fort

Iqbal Park, Fort Road, Lahore

Lahore Fort

The most popular spot Lahore Fort has another famous name called "Shahi Qila Lahore", "Royal Fort Lahore", is located near Iqbal Park, Fort Road, Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in the 17th century during the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar around 1556 -1605, and it was also renovated after mughals period in a very good manner. The Lahore Fort has been declared as the World Heritage Site in the 1981 by UNESCO. It has spread over 20 hectares in land.

Generally, when visitors can search about the Lahore City travel places, so most of them can found uncountable spots all around the city of Lahore which has their own hidden interesting stories behind it. Fortunately, Lahore Fort Shahi Qila is one of in the list of hits. Its memorable features are not hidden for the visitors and others. when visitors come to spend the whole day here, to collect the history information about the mesmerizing Shahi Qila, surrounding of historical quarters of making at lahore fort have their own history which is spoken by their own.

Well, if we talk about Historical Places, Amusement Park, Water Park, Magnificent Parks, Educational Institutes or either lots of informative Monuments, Shopping Malls, several Food Courts, and so on, all can be found in good condition at the city of Lahore in a very conventional way.

At Lahore Fort, visitors, guest, families can find all the entertaining and impressive making of fort tricks throughout the trip. Specially, history lovers have one thought come in their mind that, how all the workers build this beautiful unique style building very professionally their material which were used was very impressive, the art designing of the quarters of Royal Fort Lahore was unique than other quarters, is in it amazing. In the early centuries, people have intelligent sense of creativity which was shown in their every art of work in a very unique way.

Similarly, Lahore Fort Shahi Qila, has 21 historical monuments around which are early date of era of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It has contained two Gates one is built by Aurangzeb is called Alamgiri Gate, and the older gate is built by Akbar is called Masjidi Gate. Alamgiri Gate is the main gate that use for the access of Families, Visitors and Tourists, which is maintained it very well.

In the Meantime, the attractions of this Royal Fort are Sheesh Mehal, Moti Masjid, Naulakha Pavilion, Dewan-e-Khas, Diwan-e-Aam, Khawabgah and Alamgiri Gate, Nowadays, these all features are in good condition.

Alias Names

Shahi Qilla Lahore • Royal Fort Lahore • شاہی قلعہ‬‎

Established Built in between 1556 - 1605


NearBy Landmark Badhshahi Mosque • Minar-e-Pakistan
Location Iqbal Park, Fort Road, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Lahore Fort, Fort Road, Lahore

Geo Coordinates 31.588564523468 °N,    74.3149948625656 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription in 1981
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Lahore Fort Attractions

Lahore Fort Shahi Qilla Around Attraction Inside

  • Sheesh Mehal
  • Naulakha Pavilion
  • Alamgiri Gate
  • Moti Masjid
  • Diwan-e-Aam
  • Diwan-e-Khas
  • Khawabgah

Travelor Instructions

Lahore Fort Shahi Qila Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

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