Kohala Picnic Point

Kohala Bridge, Muzaffarabad

Kohala Picnic Point

Kohala Picnic Point Muzaffarabad is the glorious and most visited spot among all, located across the Jhelum River, in Muzaffarabad, Bagh districts of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This picnic point is situated underneath of Kohala Bridge, it was constructed in 1877 in a very innovative way.

Similarly, Kohala is the main gateway to the Muzaffarabad, and Bagh districts of Azad Kashmir. Eventually, it situated where the Punjab, Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa boundaries meet at the end of the corner.

Meanwhile, if some visitors coming from these destinations then take a look and then come before plan. Thus, its comfortable to reached without facing any risk.

Its most attractive place where Tourist, Local Families, Visitors mostly come from outside the regions, other countries and spend their whole day with family and friends to make their bore day turn into enjoyable.

From Murree to Kohala Picnic Point, it covered a distance by car is about to take 41.3 km or 1 h 35 min, Rawalpindi to Kohala Picnic Point Took time to reach about 119 km or 3 h 23 min, at Abbottabad to Kohala Picnic Point took time to reach 107 km or 3 h 14 min, and from Mansehra city take time about 83.4 km or 2 h 23 min approximately.

Alias Names

Kohala Bridge • Neelum View Point

Established Constructed in 1877

Hill Resort

Highway Code N75
Location Kohala Bridge, Muzaffarabad
City / Town Muzaffarabad
State Azad Kashmir
Country Pakistan

Kohala Picnic Point, Kohala Bridge, Muzaffarabad

Geo Coordinates 34.1011740909613 °N,    73.4940803531647 °E

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  • 24 Hours Open - All Days Open

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