Khewra Salt Mine

Jhelum District, Punjab

Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra Salt Mine Jhelum is a small world inside made it with salt tunnel everywhere, located in Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum Road, Khewra, Pakistan. It was opened for the public in 1872, and according to the history said, the salt tunnel was first discovered by the Horse of Alexander the Great. The whole area spread around 300km (186 miles), approximately.

Khewra Salt Mine is in the list of the world second largest salt mine in Pakistan. As can see, inside the salt mines has plenty of statues which all are made it with pure pink rock salt, mostly are related to different places, famous personalities, show pieces, interesting popular spots statues can be found throughout the journey of Khewra Salt Mine in a very conventional way.

Therefore, whenever, visitor come to Khewra Salt Mine, keep these point in their mind, it will help them between the hangout time, according to the khewra Salt Mine, there are Two 2 ways to go inside the beautiful salt tunnel, like walking all along with their ones or either for the comfort take trolley train which will reached visitors in the start of the Salt mine, it has high charges. In fact, if visitors go through the feet's and walk with their family and friends, then they enjoy more rather than take trolley and get to the destination, it seems to be bore. So visitors, the choice is all yours.

Similarly, throughout the unforgettable journey of Khewra salt Mine, visitors can be able to see different items which look stunning in the mid light of khewra such as Water falling, the Hidden Dark Tunnels, Watch Tower, Salt Saturated Ponds, Minar-e-Pakistan made with colorful salt bricks around full of lightning, a model of the Great Wall of China, a statue of national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a beautiful mosque made up of colorful bricks of salt stone, a model of Sheesh Mahal or "Palace of the Mirrors" made up of pink salt bricks, and a model of Mall Road of Murree, and also can see other a cafeteria for refreshment, a beautiful shops has offering decoration pieces and khewra salt lamps made up of salt stones and other unlimited attractive items available for all the families, tourist and visitors.

Millions of interested people come from different places to explore the unique beauty which is all made with Salt.

Alias Names

Mayo Salt Mine

Established Discovered in 1872


Location Jhelum District, Punjab
City / Town Jhelum
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Khewra Salt Mine, Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum Road, Khewra

Contacts +92 (544) 231624 | +92 (544) 231118
Geo Coordinates 32.6480928886469 °N,    73.007932305336 °E
Associated Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation • UNESCO World Heritage Site
Official Website

Travelor Instructions

Khewra Salt Mine Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Khewra Salt Mine Entry Ticket Price

  • Adult - Rs.200/- Per head
  • Student/Childrens - Rs.100/-Per head
  • Adult (Forigners) - US $20/-Per head
  • Childrens(Forigners) - US $10/-Per head
  • Trolley Charges Special 1300/-Per Trip (Up to 12 persons include)
  • Trolley Charges - Rs.100/-Per head

Khewra Salt Mine Inside Visit Duration Time

Visit Duration Time is Total 1:15 Hours

Khewra Salt Mine Map


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