Kargah Buddha

Gilgit Baltistan

Kargah Buddha

Kargah Buddha Gilgit also called Yashuni is an amazing art statue made in rocks during early times, located near Kargah Nallah, Gilgit Town, Pakistan. This old-time unique Carving of Buddha was discovered in 1938-39.

As can see, Gilgit Baltistan population has not more than thousand, these cultural, religious people live together as a town and living their life as simplicity. Similarly, Gilgit weather as pleasant as cool and calm in winter, but in summer a little hot. So whenever, plan to visit Gilgit come in winter season to enjoy marvelous Scenery and delicious food.

Historically Gilgit is a very famous city for old historical items, gandhara art, carving in rocks, that’s why, many tourists, visitors, researchers come across the nation and get to collect old historical unique kind of items from here in a very professional way.

For the readers info, Govt of Gilgit have made their offical website "http://www.gilgitbaltistan.gov.pk/", through this link visitors can get iformation in details before going to plan Gilgit or Kargah Buddha.

Therefore, Ministry of Tourism has to look after these historical spots, as well as, offered visitors lots of facilities, after that, foreigners, visitors, guest, tourist can come and hangout with their family and friends to enjoy the numerous places like Green Valleys, to see Gandhara Art, Historical Museum, Lakes, Parks etc.

Alias Names

Yashuni • کارگاہ بدھ

Established Discover in (1938-1939)

Archaeological Site

Location Gilgit Baltistan
City / Town Gilgit
State Gilgit Baltistan
Country Pakistan

Kargah Buddha, near Kargah Nallah, Gilgit Baltistan

Geo Coordinates 35.9325911216596 °N,    74.4553597083984 °E
Associated Ministry of Tourism

Travelor Instructions

Kargah Buddha Gilgit Baltistan

  • 24 Hours Open

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