Karachi Zoo

Nishter Road, Karachi

Karachi Zoo

Karachi Zoo also known as "Karachi Zoological Garden", but mostly people called it Karachi Zoo Garden, located in Nishtar Road, Sir A.K III Road, Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in 1878, and handover to the municipality by the government for more improvements.

Every day thousands of Families, Tourist and Visitors come from different cities of Pakistan to enjoy this entertaining place where plenty of animals can be seen in front of all, visitors can try to eat something to them as well as looked at their activities in front of visitors specially children attract more in these types of places called Karachi Zoo Garden or Gandhi Garden.

Similarly, Karachi Zoological Garden has offers uncounted beautiful Birds, Species, Animals which are come from within the country, and outside the country for the visitors entertaining purpose all long.

Many families come with their children to build up their knowledge about birds, species, animals and also use to captured the memorial moments in their cameras in a very good manner.

However, Gandhi Garden Karachi has plenty of other attractive features in the Zoo for the nature lover visitors, whose come from different regions to collect the information and also enjoy the beauty of nature all around. Thus, Karachi zoo also has a Natural Museum, which represent many unique items in front of the visitors like Animal Skins, Antlers, Horns and Feathers, Species Living Style and some other features beside others in a very professional way.

Moreover, there is a beautiful lake which were created for the water species to be swim freely like Swans, White and Black Ducks, Geese, Mammals, and a part of the other lake which is occupy for the big crocodiles, live their life with cool calm environment.

Everybody love to visit at their favorite spots specially children's with their parents, usually come in weekends for getting fun and entertainment from this stunning place.

Alias Names

Karachi Zoological Garden •کراچی چڑیاگھر • Gandhi Garden

Established Established in 1878


Location Nishter Road, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Karachi Zoo, Nishter Road, Karachi

Contacts +92 (345) 3333888
Geo Coordinates 24.8770358530262 °N,    67.0226247986725 °E
Associated Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC)

Karachi Zoo Attractions

Species at Karachi Zoo

  • Black crowned crane
  • Common pheasant
  • Greater flamingo
  • Green peafowl
  • Indian peafowl
  • Mute swan
  • Ring necked parakeet
  • Rock pigeo
  • Arabian oryx
  • Asiatic black bear
  • African bush elephant
  • Bactrian camel
  • Bengal tiger
  • Black buck
  • Chital
  • Fallow deer
  • Giraffe
  • Hog deer
  • Indian crested porcupine
  • Indian wolf
  • Lion
  • Llama
  • Mouflon
  • Nilgai
  • Olive baboon
  • Plains zebra
  • Red deer
  • Sika deer
  • Spotted hyena
  • Wild goat
  • Gharial
  • Indian cobra
  • Indian sand boa
  • Mugger crocodile
  • Oriental Ratsnake
  • Spur Thighed Tortoise

Travelor Instructions

Karachi Zoo Karachi Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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