Karachi Press Club

Saddar, Karachi

Karachi Press Club

Karachi Press Club (KPC) Pakistan is a Non-Government Organization of primarily news journalists, located in Service Station Road, Saddar Town, Karachi, Sindh. It was the first press club that was established in Karachi and it consists of Governing Body, President, Secretary and Council members manage the affairs of club.

In 1958, first election was held and I.H.Burne was elected as a first president of KPC. Karachi Press Club's main Building involve of Curriculum includes Academics, Business people and Members of the public service.

Karachi Press Club is the place where every day Demonstrations, Rallies and Protests are organized against the government and for the demand of the civil and human rights by people and organizations.

Alias Names

KPC • کراچی پریس کلب

Established Established in December 1958

Media & Press

Location Saddar, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Karachi Press Club, Service Station Road, Saddar Town, Karachi

Geo Coordinates 24.8551860413063 °N,    67.0265686511993 °E
Official Website www.karachipressclub.com

Travelor Instructions

Karachi Press Club Visit Timing

All Days - 24 Hours Open

Map Of Karachi Press Club

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