Jahangir Tomb

Shahdara Town, Lahore

Jahangir Tomb

Jahangir's Tomb Lahore is one of the beautiful pieces of Mughal Emperor structure Mausoleum, located in Band Road, Shahdara Garden, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in 1637, by Emperor Shah Jahan in a very innovative way.

However, as many centuries passes away, but the time of Mughal emperor have never been forgotten. Thus, Mughal Period rules had been strictly followed by everyone, as well as their Shaan o Shaukat, the way of living, and memorable moment travel on a big elephant are unforgettable for those who know their prestigious way of living.

Similarly, tomb of Jahangir has Mughal architecture features which are innovative, and unique style structure which look stunning in all time. Although, tomb of Jahangir has adjacent Akbari Sarai, and the Tomb of Asif Khan, are a part of tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Uncounted visitors love to come at the tomb, and gather old past history about Jahangir, and Asif Khan, in details. There is a Shahi Mughal Garden outside the tomb of Jahangir, where in old time all the family of Mughal Emperor enjoyed at the evening with lots of delicious food together.

In Every single day all the families, tourists, visitors, travellers come here to enjoy walking, jogging, as well as survey the tomb of Jahangir, and get the knowledge about pervious history about Mughals and also captured the beauty around in their cameras in a very professional way.

From Lahore City to Jahangir's Tomb distance covered about 18.1 km or 45 min drive straight by car.

Alias Names

Tomb of Jahangir's Mausoleum • مقبرہُ جہانگیر

Established Opened in 1637

Mausoleum & Shrine

NearBy Landmark Akbari Serai
Location Shahdara Town, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Jahangir Tomb, Band Road, Shahdara Town, Lahore

Geo Coordinates 31.6262557675671 °N,    74.3005997640014 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site

Travelor Instructions

Jahangir Tomb Lahore Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

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