Islamia College University

University Road, Peshawar

Islamia College University

Islamia College University Peshawar Pakistan is an educational institution, located in University road Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It was founded in October 1913 by Nawab Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan.

University of Peshawar Pakistan provides higher learning in fine arts, Humanities and modern sciences it is the symbol of academic excellence is rich in history. Its building represent the best embodiment of Muslim civilization in south Asia and its lush green lawns attract visitors from all over the country and abroad.

In 1950, the University of Peshawar was founded as an offshoot of Islamia College Peshawar with the later being associated to the university as a constituent college. Initially established as Islamia College and was granted university status by the Government of Pakistan in 2008 the word college is retained in its title for preserving its historical roots.

Alias Names

Islamia College University Peshawar • اسلامیہ کالج یونیورسٹی

Established Built in 1913


Location University Road, Peshawar
City / Town Peshawar
State Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)
Country Pakistan

Islamia College University, University Road, Peshawar

Contacts +92 (91) 9222036
Geo Coordinates 34.0002583 °N,    71.47668709999993 °E
Official Website

Islamia College University Attractions

Islamia College University Peshawar Motto

رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً O' God, Increase my Knowledge, Creating new leadership

Map Of Islamia College University

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