Gwadar International Sea Port

Jinnah Ave, Balochistan, Pakistan

Gwadar International Sea Port

Gwadar International Sea Port Balochistan is the most important development project running between China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan, located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, Balochistan. It is 630km from Karachi by car and 1 hr 30min far from Karachi by plan approximately.

Accordingly, Gwadar Port City has been start working on 14 November 2016, under the supervision by "Pakistan's Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif", and along with can been seen "Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif" in a very proud way.

Moreover, Gwadar Sea Port is the largest and deepest sea port in the middle of the world, and has been start functional with full efforts with load and force gradually.

As we all know that Pakistan is the powerful country, which has many golden treasure hidden in it, nowadays, one of the most effective treasure to be found is the Gwadar Port. This city has risen up after the Gwadar International Sea Port has become completed. There are plenty of uncounted benefits have coming around with it, many jobs for the youngsters, Import and Export takes become very less time and many goods will be delivered time to time fastly.

The positive zone of the Pakistan is that many countries are the neighbors and proudly deal with us, some countries are like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia, they are also dealing with Pakistan to import export their goods in a very good manner soon.

In the Meanwhile, some other countries only depend on Pakistan International Gwadar Port like Afghanistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, Georgia and Armenia so it's a good sign for every country to business with Pakistan in a very good way and the Gwadar will be the beautiful city in future.

For Families, Tourist and visitors who wants to visit the Beautiful Gwadar city and see our Country Improvement and captured the real beauty in their cameras.

Alias Names

گوادر بندرگاه



Highway Code N10
Location Jinnah Ave, Balochistan, Pakistan
City / Town Gwadar
State Balochistan
Country Pakistan

Gwadar Sea Port, Jinnah Ave, Balochistan

Geo Coordinates 25.1471011473709 °N,    62.3110198974609 °E
Associated China Overseas Port Holding Company
Official Website

Gwadar International Sea Port Attractions

Gwadar City Amazing Places To Be Visit

  • Gwadar International Sea Por
  • Hingol National Park
  • Kund Malir Beach
  • Buzi Pass
  • Ormara Beach
  • The sphinx
  • Princess of Hope
  • Desert Beach
  • Baba Chandrakup
  • Astola Island

Travelor Instructions

Gwadar International Sea Port Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 24 Hours Open

Gwadar International Sea Port Map

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