Gorakh Hill Station Tour

Dadu, Sindh

Gorakh Hill Station Tour

Gorakh Hill Station is include one of the top visited places, located in highest plateau of Sindh, Kirthar Mountains and about 94 kilometers northwest of Dadu city. Although, gorakh hill is about 5,700ft height and altitude about of 2,350 meters (7,710 ft).

Gorakh Hill Station is also famous among visitors and village people called "Murree" of Sindh". Hence, every sightseeing beauty spots has their own story behind, so that, gorakh means "Wild" and it's a very old hill station. Historically, some believed that the name was given by a prominent Yogi known as Gorakhnath, his tremendous medieval waves individual blessed spread all over the hills.

Uncountable visitors, tourist, outsider visit and captured their beauty found all around the corner of gorakh village and hill station dadu Balochistan. Gorakh hill station weather, temperature has shocked tourist and outsider, in summer season reach about 16-32 on average, in winter season records -5 to +5 and Highest ever recorded in summer was 34-36, while lowest ever recorded was -10 to -12. This is the main reason of this spots that visitors and tourists attracts in both summer and winter season a lot.

During, Gorakh hill station tour has around a wide range of beauty experiences like dense forest which have large number of green trees with full of beautiful seasonal flowers, small valleys, a lake has clear blue water, hiking experience, snowfall during the winters, camping experience, bonfire experience and self-cooking. All the experience can be face during the trip of Gorakh Hill Station, so prepare yourself before visit this marvelous spots which is await for you.

From Karachi city to Gorakh Hill Station covered a distance about to take 403 km or 6 hour 57 min drive by car, From Hyderabad to Gorakh hill station distance covered about 265 km or 5 hr 18 min and Dadu to Gorakh Hill station distance covered 93.5 km or 2 hr 51 min fast reach by car.

Alias Names

گورک هل اسٽيشن


Hill Station

Location Dadu, Sindh
City / Town Dadu
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Gorakh Hill Station, Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan

Geo Coordinates 26.8680085202554 °N,    67.142157926831 °E

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