Frere Hall

Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi

Frere Hall

Frere Hall Karachi is one of the largest Public Libraries in Karachi, located in Fatima Jinnah Road, Saddar Town, Sindh, Pakistan. It was constructed around 1865 under the supervision of the second Chief Commissioner of Sindh, Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere.

This national landmark structure of the British Colonial Era style building architecture is famously called Henry Saint Clair Wilkins, this building structure in the Gothic Style (Venetian) using yellowish limestone, with red and gray sandstones of Jungshai, which looks unique and eye catching building in its kind.

Moreover, This British Colonial Era style building called Frere Hall has contains a large numbers of variety of books which includes, Early past times books, Latest information books, Technology related books, Rare Manuscripts, Technical Reports and Journals, a famous personalities related books such as Sir Evan James and Sir Charles Pritchard and as find plenty of unlimited collection of books, when visitors come to search their needy books which have related to any kind of books, he will gone with satisfaction.

Similarly, At Frere Hall Karachi, there is a large beautiful full of greenery garden located outside, known as "Queen's Lawn" and "King's Lawn" which after was renamed as Baghe-e-Jinnah Park (Jinnah garden). Many of the local people, students, visitors come to spend an evening for relaxing in a breathtaking environment, rather than other smoky environment which face every person in their daily life.

Now a days, Frere Hall Karachi currently used as an exhibition hall, event space, and library, for the visitors those who love books and gather information about different type of stuff, love to come here and attend every book exhibition in a very good manners.

Alias Names

Frere Hall Bagh-e-Jinnah (Jinnah garden)

Established Opened in 1865


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Location Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Frere Hall, Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi

Geo Coordinates 24.8475364839856 °N,    67.0330676436424 °E
Associated Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC)

Frere Hall Attractions

Frere Hall library Karachi Facilities

  • Library
  • Gallery
  • Gardens
  • Sunday Book Bazaar

Travelor Instructions

Frere Hall Karachi Visit Timings

All Days - 24 Hours Open

Frere Hall Map


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