Fakir Khana House Museum

Hakiman Bazar, Lahore

Fakir Khana House Museum

Fakir Khana House Museum Lahore is a very famous private family museum, located in Hakiman Bazar, inside Bhatti Gate, Punjab, Pakistan. The collection of the museum art is the early 18th century’s. It was owned by Fakir Syed Saifuddin is the single largest private museum in South Asia.

Fakir Khana House Museum Lahore has lots of collection that touches history of early 20th century, the museum collection is very unique and full of informative for students, Families, Tourists and Visitors in a very good manner, the collection include, Gems, Stones, portraits, Miniatures,  Manuscripts of holy Quran, Relics of Islam including the relics of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) time as well as Swords, Jewels and coins dating back to the Sikh era, A permanent collection of visual arts, the Ruben - Bentson Film & Video Study Collection, Performing arts commissions, the library’s Rosemary Furtak Collection of artists books, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company Collection, and the Digital Arts Study Collection, and lots of History, Memories and treasures all along.

Fakir Khana House Museum is the largest private museum collection in south Asia, with over 13,000 pieces of art.



Location Hakiman Bazar, Lahore
City / Town Lahore
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Fakir Khana House Museum, Hakiman Bazar, Lahore

Contacts info@fakirkhana.com
Geo Coordinates 31.5832762985998 °N,    74.3096485733986 °E

Travelor Instructions

Fakir Khana House Museum Visit Timings

Monday - Saturday   09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Map Of Fakir Khana House Museum

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