Derawar Fort

Ahmedpur, District Bahawalpur

Derawar Fort

Derawar Fort Ahmedpur (Qilla Derawar) is the historical, large and impressive square structure in the heart of Cholistan desert, located in Ahmedpur, District Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. It was built in 9th century, by Hindu Rajput, Rai Jajja Bhatti.

In the meantime, ultimately, the fort was occupying by Nawab of Bahawalpur, Sadeq Mohammad Khan I, after that, he rebuilt the fort (Qilla) exactly the same as it is.
At the derawar fort underneath has many ways to be found which are under connected with other tunnels having interesting features there such as, a small prison, gallows, a water pond, residential rooms, shrines of four pious Muslims near Derawar Fort, a historical cannon standing in the ground of derawar fort and plenty of other unseen items to be shown properly, when trip to Derawar Fort.

However, Derawar Fort Ahmedpur Bahawalpur is always being the favorite spots among tourist and visitors, many families with their beloved come here to enjoy the jeep rally which is arranged in Cholistan desert, during across Derawar Fort Bahawalpur. It is a very famous "Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally", which is organized by TDCP every year, many interested visitors come far from different regions to participate and enjoy this activity in a very professional way.

As for the information, visitor can also go through derawar fort from Bahawalpur city, it is far from Bahawalpur city around 95.4 km, 1 hr 46min to reached by car approximately.

Many tourist, visitors delegate international or local must come to visit this historical landmark fort sometime daily basis and sometime occasionally.

Alias Names

Qilla Derawar Fort • قلعہ دراوڑ

Established Opened in 1733


Location Ahmedpur, District Bahawalpur
City / Town Ahmadpur East
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Derawar Fort, Derawar Fort Road, Ahmedpur

Geo Coordinates 28.7698785834265 °N,    71.3370394706726 °E
Associated UNESCO World Heritage Site

Travelor Instructions

Derawar Fort Ahmedpur Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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