Cosy Water Park

Super Highway, Karachi

Cosy Water Park

Cosy Water Park Karachi is one of the largest water park, located at Deh Shah Mureed Road, Topa Songal, Super Highway Between Gulshan-e-Maymar and New Sabzi Mandi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Cozy Water Park Karachi Pakistan has a largest slides, Pool are Giant lazy pool, Twin pool, large water slide, Twin tunnel slide, Family jumbo, Family hill slide, Transparent Tunnel (Mystery Tunnel), Rapid Slides (Fast and the Furious), Children Park with Rain drops and much more exciting areas to fun enjoy with full of fun.

At Cozy Water Park has tasty food court availabilities are Cold drink & Snacks Canteen, Swimming Accessories, Costumes, First aid facility, Lockers, Place for prayers, Separate Changing room, Shower & Washroom for Gents and Ladies and much more for enjoying a wonderful fun with all family and friends.

Cozy Water Park now giving you a transport from Sohrab Goth if you want to come with friends A-26 mini bus comes from Sohrab Goth which drop you on park gate. They are also having special packages for schools and universities. It has two entrances, one at frontage side and the other one is at back side of Cozy Water Park and most special thing is that both contain separate parking areas.

It opens in the morning at 10:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM in the evening summer reason. However the family can visit to the park only on Sunday and the entrance ticket at reasonable price which is Rs 300/- for kids under 7 year old and for adult Rs 400/-

Many families, touirst and visitors come usually in summer vacations with their familes to having fun in the most largest slides in the Cosy Water Park Karachi.

Alias Names

Cozy Water Park Slides


Water Resort

NearBy Landmark Near Northern Bypass
Highway Code M10
Location Super Highway, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Cosy Water Park, Deh Shah Mureed Road, Topa Songal, Super Highway, New Sabzi Mandi, Karachi

Contacts +92 (336) 2137355
Geo Coordinates 25.0674317 °N,    67.20006220000005 °E
Official Website

Cosy Water Park Attractions

Cosy Water Park Karachi Food court Items & Other Facilities

  • Cold drink & Snacks Canteen
  • Swimming accessories
  • Costumes available - New/Rental
  • First aid facility
  • Lockers Price List
  • Place for prayers
  • Separate Changing Room
  • Shower & Washroom for Gents and Ladies

Cosy Water Park Karachi Slides

  • Giant Lazy Pool
  • Twin Pool
  • Giant Water Slide
  • Twin Tunnel Slide
  • Twin Rapid Slide
  • Family Jumbo
  • Family Hill Slide
  • Children Pool
  • Children Park with Rain Drops
  • See Saw, swings & Merry-Go-Round
  • Pedal Boating in beautiful Lake
  • with Island
  • Eight Children Slides
  • Ladies Slide (Separate)
  • Ladies Pool (Separate)
  • Sliced Pythons
  • Amphibian (Ladies Pool)
  • Sliced Pythons (Ladies Pool)
  • Sliced Pythons with Pool
  • Gigantor with Pool
  • Amphibian with Pool
  • Mystery Tunnel with Pool
  • Fast and the Furious with Pool

Travelor Instructions

Cosy Water Park Karachi Visit Timings

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM in Winter
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM in Summer
Sunday is only Family Day

Cosy Water Park Karachi Entrance Fees

For Adults Rs: 400/
For Kids Under 7 Years Rs: 300/-

Cosy Water Park Parking Fees

Car / Motor Cycle - Rs 20/-
Bus / Van & other big vehicles - Rs 20/-

Cosy Water Park Lockers

Locker Charges:  Rs 20/-

Cosy Water Park Boating

Rs 15/- Per person

Map Of Cosy Water Park

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