Cholistan Desert

Fort Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab

Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur (Rohi) is one of the famous spots among visitors, located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. This area over all spread around 16,000 square kilometers, therefore, its Stretch out and adjoined to the Thar desert and almost extended up to the Sindh.

Usually, at Cholistan Desert, Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), has organized Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally in Pakistan every year, which is very famous among in sports lovers, they come from different regions to participate in jeep rally accordingly, in a very professional way.

Moreover, Cholistan Desert, constructed in a very idealistic way, there long walls, which made from red bricks, look unique among other forts, and it has around almost 400 others Forts, which Stretch out the natural beauty of this desert areas includes, Mirgarh Fort, Islamgarh Fort, Derawar Fort, Jamgarh Fort, Mojgarh Fort, Marot Fort, Phoolra Fort, Khangarh Fort, Khairgarh Fort, Nawankot Fort, Bijnot Fort and plenty of other forts.

As all know, when look at the Cholistan desert, living people lifestyle, they live a very simple and elegant life, they are very handworkers either Men or women, they done their all work with their own, like Livestock, Arts and crafts, weaving, Textile work, breeding animals, they work as hard as they can in very good manners.

Many families, tourist, students, local citizens visit several times to build up their knowledge about the Cholistan Desert and captured their history in their cameras.

Alias Names

Rohi • صحرائے چولِستان • Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally



Location Fort Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab
City / Town Ahmadpur East
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Cholistan Desert, Fort Road, Bahawalpur

Geo Coordinates 28.5061969 °N,    71.57239529999993 °E

Cholistan Desert Attractions

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur Around other Forts

  • Mirgarh Fort
  • Islamgarh Fort
  • Derawar Fort
  • Jamgarh Fort
  • Mojgarh Fort
  • Marot Fort
  • Phoolra Fort
  • Khangarh Fort
  • Khairgarh Fort
  • Nawankot Fort
  • Bijnot Fort

Travelor Instructions

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur Visit Timings

Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Map Of Cholistan Desert

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