Cholistan Desert

Fort Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab

Cholistan Desert

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur or as called "Rohi" is one of the famous and old spots, located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. This area over all spread around 26300 square kilometers. Therefore, its Stretch out and adjoined to the Thar desert and almost extended up to the Sindh.

Usually, Cholistan is the word that is taken from a Turkish word Chol that means desert. Hence, at Cholistan Desert, Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) has organized Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally in Pakistan every year, which is very famous and biggest motor sports event in Pakistan. Mostly, sports lovers, come from different regions to participate in jeep rally accordingly in a very professional way.

Simultaneously, Cholistan Desert consist have more than 400 forts which are different from one another some are like Mirgarh Fort, Islamgarh Fort, Derawar Fort, Jamgarh Fort, Mojgarh Fort, Marot Fort, Phoolra Fort, Khangarh Fort, Khairgarh Fort, Nawankot Fort, Bijnot Fort, Derawar fort and plenty of other forts can be discovered by viewers.

As all know, when look at the Cholistan desert living people lifestyle, they live a very simple and elegant life, they are very handworkers either Men or women, they done their all work with their own. Women wears a traditional dress with full of colour and their Men's normally wears bright colored turbans. Their life of living age income to fullfill with Livestock, Arts and Crafts, Weaving, Textile Work, Breeding animals. They work as hard as they can in very good manners.

Tons of tourist, students, local citizens, travellers visit several times to build up their knowledge about the Cholistan Desert, and captured their behind history in their cameras for memorial purpose.

Alias Names

Rohi • Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally • صحرائے چولِستان



Location Fort Road, Bahawalpur, Punjab
City / Town Ahmadpur East
State Punjab
Country Pakistan

Cholistan Desert, Fort Road, Bahawalpur

Geo Coordinates 29.3602063819896 °N,    71.6931590786864 °E

Cholistan Desert Attractions

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur Around Other Forts

  • Mirgarh Fort
  • Islamgarh Fort
  • Derawar Fort
  • Jamgarh Fort
  • Mojgarh Fort
  • Marot Fort
  • Phoolra Fort
  • Khangarh Fort
  • Khairgarh Fort
  • Nawankot Fort
  • Bijnot Fort

Travelor Instructions

Cholistan Desert Bahawalpur Visit Timings

  • Monday - Sunday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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