Bukkur Fort

Rohri, Sukkur District

Bukkur Fort

Bukkur Fort Sukkur-Rohri is actually an island, and was the most prominent spots among tourist in their time, located in Rohri, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan. It is about eight hundred yards long, and three hundred broad along. It is situated on a limestone rock, oval in shape, that’s why, this fort is as unique rather than other forts.

Bukkur Island Fort walls has enclosed the entire island, ending the water's edge. Similarly, in its time this island fort was famously spectacular tourist spot because of its location on a rock, and water all around to cover the fort in a very impressive way.

So far, many families, visitors, and near citizens of Sukkur and Rohri come to see this magnificent fort stand on the rock was look stunning and most interesting in their early time. Thus, inside the Bukkur Fort Island has many features still present like, Date Trees, numerous Houses, Mosques.

Moreover, recent days, Bukkur island Fort is engaged by an Army public school, and around the tomb of Sayyid Sadruddin, who was the son of Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki.

Bukkur fort to Sukkur, it takes time to reach about 8.5 km or 23 min to reach by car.

Alias Names

Bukkur Island Fort • بکر‎



NearBy Landmark Lab-e-Mehran
Location Rohri, Sukkur District
City / Town Sukkur
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Bukkur Fort, Rohri, Sukkur District

Geo Coordinates 27.6960122 °N,    68.8861492 °E

Travelor Instructions

Bukkur Island Fort Sukkur-Rohri

  • 24 Hours Open

Bukkur Fort Map


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