Bolton Market

Saddar, Karachi

Bolton Market

Bolton Market Karachi is a large Wholesaler and Supply Stores, located in M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar, Pakistan. It has a wide range of variety products availability in the foam of bulk at in very low prices. It was Built in the late early, 1800s.

Similarly, you can find all type of stuff at Boulton Market in stalls, as well as full flash shops in bulk format, such as all type of Toys, Old and New Books, Caps, Hats, Imported Shoes, Electronic Items, Bobby pins to Sports goods, Plastic goods to Kitchen utensils, Cosmetics, Artificial Hi-fi jewellery, Spectacles and all kind of watches, Decoration Home Items, Imported and Local Leather Jackets, Imported Sarees, Bridal Suites, Dry nuts, Baby pampers, Machineries and plenty of other attractive and informative goods sold in reasonable price with lots of variety for all age group.

Although, Bolton Market Karachi as famous as early times, because of its high variety of items availability. Majority of the nearest citizens of Bolton market love to buy from this market, and there surrounding of lots of offices, banks available, so if they want to buy some unique kind of product then they definitely, turn to Boulton market side and buy as per their choice in a very good way.

Usually, visitors can't find that place easily, and don't know the Boulton market Opening Days, so that, Bolton market opening days are Monday - Saturday open with full of crowd and visitors who could not find Bolton Market Karachi way, they can find easily through in Google Map just write Bolton market map, and can have reached their destination easily in details.

All needy persons can find there item easily in bulk foam within a reasonable price under the high quality.

Alias Names

Boulton Wholesale Market Karachi

Established Built in 1800's


NearBy Landmark New Memon Masjid
Location Saddar, Karachi
City / Town Karachi
State Sindh
Country Pakistan

Bolton Market, M.A.Jinnah Road, Saddar, Karachi

Geo Coordinates 24.8522998686032 °N,    67.0015303946163 °E

Travelor Instructions

Bolton Market Karachi Visit Timings

  • Monday - Saturday - 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  • Sunday - Closed

Bolton Market Map