Bolan Pass

Bolan Road, Balochistan

Bolan Pass

The Bolan Pass is a wide range of mountain pass, located through the Toba Kakar Range of Balochistan province in western Pakistan. Thus, it’s far from a distance of 120 km from the border of Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Typically, bolan mountain pass is commonly used as a trading purpose, where many visitors used as a gateway to and south asia as well. Its connects the sibi with Quetta both by road and railway in a very comfort way.

However, it’s an important pass on the Balochistan people to easily negotiate Jacobabad and Sibi to the Quetta city. Whereas, bolan pass has total 21 tunnels train passes, where many trains as well car go through along possibly.

Bolan Pass Balochistan has weather is formally cool and cloudy, but suddenly changeable also, so that if any visitor wants to plan here, then first check weather forecast and bring all the needy stuff along.

Alias Names

Bolan Pass Mountain Pass



Location Bolan Road, Balochistan
City / Town Quetta
State Balochistan
Country Pakistan

Bolan Pass, Bolan Road, Sibi, Balochistan

Geo Coordinates 30.2148992996542 °N,    66.9857043362927 °E

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  • 24 Hours Open

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